My first Celica

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7 maanden 3 weken geleden #241 door Radoslaw Bachara
Radoslaw Bachara heeft een nieuw onderwerp gemaakt: My first Celica
Hi! It's my first post on this forum & hopefully not the last one! :)
I'm facing difficult dilemma. I want to buy the Celica 7 T-sport.

I have three potential cars. Two of them are back in my country, both are original vvti swaped with all the gear from TS 2003 versions.
One of them just has been overhauled (new OEM crankshaft, ACL high performance bearings, new pistons, and all the necessary stuff) price 5,500.
Secondary is cheaper 4000eu, I'ts engine had not been overhauled but is supposed to be in perfect state. It's mileage ~100k. Takes no oil at all but visually seems in worse condition than the first one. Both of them would need to be imported to NL (cost ~500 euro). That is why I got interested in buying the car for me here but there aren't many cars (for reasonable money) to choose from. I have found only one and here is my question: have anyone seen this specific car? It can be seen here:

Is buying car from the dealer a smart choice? Isn't it just about marketing like free APK, winter/summer checkups, and 6month BOVAG? It is young (2005) but has quite high mileage 257k. I have learned that the price was 6.750 some time ago. I'm afraid that it can consume the oil. I wont be able to check if it does before I buy it only after some time. If it happens that it will consume it, can I return the car for overhaul? The dealer gives 6 months of BOVAG but I dont know if the oil problem would be recognised as something unusuall for celica and fixed for free.

If there is anyone who has seen this car, or can help me decide what to do - please help me. If it turns out that this car is worthless than I will have less to worry about. Now I am torn between three options.

Best wishes

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7 maanden 1 week geleden #242 door Martin Bruijstens
Martin Bruijstens antwoordt op het onderwerp: My first Celica
Hello Radoslaw,

Sorry we kept you waiting. If I read your story, I've got the Idea that you have already made up your mind. If importing is as cheap as you say it is, because I really don't know, than the best deal seems to be bying one of them in your home country. Buying one in the Netherlands from a dealer seems to be mutch more expensive. Just be aware that the engine is OK. T-sports should be better than the normal 1.8 ones, due to a failure in the standard engine that makes the normal engine consume oil after a certain amound of time. That problem was fixed by Yamaha when they created the T-sport engine from the beginning. Best of luck. Hope you'll sent us a picture when you've bought one.

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1 maand 2 dagen geleden - 1 maand 1 dag geleden #274 door Radoslaw Bachara
Radoslaw Bachara antwoordt op het onderwerp: My first Celica
Hi Yes I have bought this 2005 Tsport from Louwman. That is why I have a few questions. I need informations about:
-Car mechanic or garage experianced in Celicas 7th gen especially TS version. Just in case I would ever need to fix something. I want to have someone I could trust that the job will be done perfectly. I would like to show the car to him/them coz I want it work "quieter". It's engine and gearbox are giving weird noises. Two polish mechanics told me everything is fine, and the same story when I was at Louwmans. But I don't trust Louwman. When I told them that my air conditiong has broken down they have told me that this part is rare and I need to look for it on my own at the second hand market, and if I find it they can install it for me... I have fixed that issue at home within 30minutes without replacing any parts so..... no, I don't trust them
-Metal workshop. The place that I could have the side skirts welded in and painted. (metal parts of the cars body underneeth the side skirts, They are slowly eaten by the rust)
-Last but not least mentioned above gearbox. It is rattling while u get under the car. Also the thrust bearing is giving the noise while reving up the car at any gear including N, but it is quiet while reving up with the clutch pedal pressed in. Few days ago I have replaced the gearbox oil, and I have seen a leak at the top of the gearbox. Also there was only 1.2 liter of the oil instead of 2.3. While driving and changing gears to 3rd or 4th it is giving nasty sound very often (while the oil is could mostly), i believe it could be synchros. Guys on polish Toyota Celica Club recommended me to do the full regeneration of the gearbox, including a little modifications. Putting LSD inside and making 1st and 2nd gears shorter and 6th longer. I need a place in Netherlands that they could do such things for me.

I am very greatfull for any informations You could give me
best wishes

edit: I have send email to Louwman asking about the car maintance history and that is what they have told me:
Beste heer,

De versnellingsbak is compleet gereviseerd, alle lagers zijn vervangen.

Complet to revise, change everything.

De Ketting is nog nooit vervangen omdat deze onderhoudsarm is, dus geen vervanging noodzakelijk.

Theres no need to change.

How could I trust them if they have done complete overhaul and it was such a disaster?
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1 maand 1 uur geleden #275 door Martin Bruijstens
Martin Bruijstens antwoordt op het onderwerp: My first Celica
Hello Radek,

If I read your mail, Louwman claims that they have done a complete overhaul on the gearbox. At least that is what they write you. If you want to go for a second opinion, you could go to . They also advertise on our site. They specialize in the younger Celica's.

Best of luck.

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4 weken 2 dagen geleden #276 door Radoslaw Bachara
Radoslaw Bachara antwoordt op het onderwerp: My first Celica
I don't need second opinion :D i know my gearbox needs regenerating. I want also change the gear's lenghtness and add LSD into it. SV garage should be able to do it ? Their website is off :( Any other garages experianced in 2zz-ge? Or companies regenerating gearboxes?

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